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Counterfeit investigations and brand protection is a speciality of ASSI International. Our counterfeit and brand protection reporting website is specifically designed to allow the general public to report sellers engaged in the sale of counterfeit brand products.

We have also developed an innovative and free iphone and adroid application, which also allows the user to report and photograph counterfeit products at the click of a button.

Every day we receive hundreds of reports relating to worldwide sales of counterfeit products concerning all brands. From clothing to aircraft parts to pharmaceuticals, nothing is safe.

Over the past 5 years we have gathered large quantities of data concerning repeat sellers using sophisticated analytical programs, and the profits being made by the counterfeiters are staggering.

It is well known within law enforcement that counterfeiting is almost as profitable as selling illicit drugs with the penalties being much lower.






Counterfeit Brake Pads in Australia

THOUSANDS of brake pads containing deadly asbestos are being sold illegally to Australian buyers unaware they are counterfeit parts. In a cruel twist, the bogus brakes are almost impossible to track down because they were imported by unscrupulous distributors and sold online.

The general public may also be exposed to deadly asbestos brake dust.

Toyota says the counterfeit brake pads are designed to fit every HiLux ute sold over the past 10 years - a fleet of more than 400,000 vehicles - and more than 100,000 Hiace delivery vans and commuter buses over the same period.

“Every time the brakes are applied, asbestos dust goes into the atmosphere,” said Greg Patton, Motor Traders Association CEO, referring to vehicles equipped with the counterfeit parts.

“It’s that indiscriminate, it’s truly deadly stuff. The disregard these people have for public health is shocking.”

The counterfeit brake pads are sold in imitation Toyota packaging for about a quarter of the price of the genuine parts. In addition to public safety, Toyota is concerned about the health of more than 5000 mechanics at its dealerships across Australia - and more than 100,000 mechanics at independent workshops - who may come across a car fitted with counterfeit brake pads.


The most common complaint we hear from buyers is that no one seems to be willing to assist the customer in stopping these sellers. We receive numerous reports that the Police advise that it is too time consuming to gather the required evidence. Many manufacturers advise that it is too costly to engage legal teams to prosecute low-level distributors of counterfeit goods. Online market places and e-stores advise customers that they need evidence to close a site and do not have the resources to do this.





Did you know? Counterfeiting robs Australia alone of
$ 5 billion a year?




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