Protecting your Band, Image and Reputation

Are you a brand rights holder? Are you trying to protect your brand, image and reputation?

Let us take the frustration out of dealing with expensive law firms and over-worked law enforcement people. Let us keep you up-to-date with the abundant reports we receive each day concerning what could be your brand. We will report information to you at no cost and then if you decide you want to take any action we can supply a service to gather the required evidence. We will then serve Cease and Desist notices on the alleged counterfeiters. At a fraction of the cost of a engaging a law firm. If the selling of the counterefit product continues, we can provide in-depth evidence to take the matter further and provide the gathered evidence for legal action and court if needed.

Just tell us who you are and what brand name you represent. And importantly, a direct number to the people that we can talk to and send the reports to

Help us to help you.

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