Dr. Simon Cichello

Dr. Simon Cichello Ph.D.

Dr. Simon Cichello (Ph.D.) Director of Investigations has over 20 years in scientific research, auditor, lecturing, government consulting/ advisor in Australia, China, and the Pacific, including but not limited to the Victoria University, La Trobe University, The University of Melbourne, The Chinese Academy of Sciences Biophysics Institute, Beijing, Kunming Medical University, Yunnan Province Standing Committee, and Republic of Vanuatu to name but a few.

Simon is also a director and/or shareholder of a number of technology companies in Australia, USA, and Israel, which hold 25+ trademarks, and patents.

Simon has an active role in these companies designing and lodging trademarks and patents, Simon regularly defends this intellectual property from copywrite, piracy, and intellectual property theft by unscrupulous businesses.

Simon’s auditing and research has been “hands on” investigations for SME as well as multinational corporations to investigate product defects, and corporate fraud in particular in the food and natural products industries (i.e. nutraceutical products, baby formula etc). He is versed in the use of measurement and signature intelligence (MASINT) to analyse products, and their packaging to detect fraud that to the naked eye appears to be the same product.

His work has also included the use of human intelligence surveillance (HUMINT) of both human populations, and products. This included retail, online sales, transport/ logistics facilities and tracing bills of lading globally to locate, stop parties in regions such as China and the USA.

Further, writing letters to cease and desist, location of products being sold online and retail, where products were stored and ports of entry, as well as international surveillance to apprehend individuals who have committed piracy, and fraud and share information with law enforcement agencies to apprehend these individuals.

Further, he has instigated as a private prosecutor a number of private prosecutions including charges for perjury, fraud and destruction of evidence by third parties. This included gathering evidence from HUMINT sources, COMINT of phone, message, social media sources, interrogating suspects whilst undercover and collecting information, compiling affidavits, criminal briefs, lodging charge sheets, apprehending suspects and serving charge sheets and summons. Further, subpoenaing evidence and applying for injunctions against parties causing losses to the clients businesses due to fraud and deceptive conduct.

Simon can actively perform risk assessment for companies to prevent fraud and counterfeit products being made and also regular deploy artificial intelligence surveillance detection plans in the marketplace to detect, locate and apprehend counterfeit products being distributed.

Apart from holding a Certificate IV in Government Investigations, he holds a Ph.D. in Science, Professional Certificates from Stanford University (Innovation and Entrepreneurship), and Harvard Business Schools (CORe Business Studies). He holds a senior honorary research fellowship at The University of Melbourne, and various advisory positions both in the private and public sectors globally.

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Adrian Francis

Adrian Francis

Adrian Francis, (Grad Dip Management, Dip Sec and Risk Management, Dip Fraud Investigations) is a former Detective Sergeant of New South Wales Police and an Operations Co-coordinator with the Western Australia Anti-corruption Commission with over 35 years experience in pro-active local and international investigations, specialising in complex covert and pro-active operations.

Adrian has extensive qualifications including a Graduate Certificate in Public Sector Management (UWS), Diploma in Security & Risk Management, NSW Police Certificate in Advanced Criminal Investigations, current Workplace Trainer and Assessor Certificate and a Certificate IV in Government Investigations.

Current Director of Operations at Counterfeit International, which delivers investigations into Counterfeit products, covert physical and technical surveillance and incident management consultancy and training services to clients in Australia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, USA, Hong Kong, China, India and Indonesia.

Adrian is highly experienced in legislative research and its application at all state and commonwealth levels including report-writing skills to a Ministerial level. Well versed in leading, guiding and inspiring multi-functional investigation and surveillance teams in complex and difficult global environments including Iraq, Oman, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia.

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