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Counterfeit International receives daily reports of counterfeit products being sold all over the world and we happily pass this information onto the manufacturers along with your photographs for further action.

Our Counterfeit International facebook page is updated regularly with news on identifying counterfeit products, recent raids and items of interest about the counterfeiting industry.

If you have something of interest please let us know by email or submit a report using the reporting form or the anonymous reporting form.

Counterfeit International

Counterfeit International offers counterfeit investigaiton and action services throughout Australia, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

Our background is law enforcement at state and federal level and extensive investigation and enforcement experience.

We have been investigating a multitude of cases over several years on behalf of major corporate organisations and IP rights holders in Australian and overseas in the area of importing, manufacturing and sale of counterfeit products. We have directly involved in arrest and prosecution of offenders all the way to the United Kingdom. Brand protection is our final objective.

The proliferation of counterfeit products in Australia is alarming and it is evident that these products are increasingly being manufactured or labeled in Australia to thwart the vigilance by the Australia Customs Service.

Whilst a monitoring program for the sale of these products in Australia is important, there is an urgent need for a more proactive approach in targeting and identifying the individuals or syndicates manufacturing or labeling the counterfeit products.