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The biggest complaint we receive from concerned buyers is that no one seems to be willing to assist the customer in stopping these sellers. We receive numerous reports that the Police advise that it is too time consuming to gather the required evidence. Many manufacturers advise that it is too costly to engage legal teams to prosecute low-level distributors of counterfeit goods.

Online market places and e-stores advise customers that they need evidence to close a site and do not have the resources to do this.

With a whole new focus on the global problem of counterfeiting, ASSI International is now seeking co operation from the general public in a major worldwide initiative that will see significant reductions in counterfeiting driven by our professional team. We are seeking your co-operation with this pro-active approach, which will result in benefits to the unsuspecting consumer, which will:




  • Help us provide manufacturers with a true picture of the extent of counterfeiting of their products by gathering evidence of illegal sales.
  • Help both large and small retailers stay in business by identifying counterfeiters who are threatening their livelihood.
  • Provide a channel for all customer complaints about counterfeit goods relating to well known brands with all complaints responded to in a 12-hour period.
  • Improve the public perception that manufacturers do want to stop counterfeiting
  • Save lives with the identification of counterfeit pharmaceuticals which can contain dangerous substances including rat poison and carcinogens
  • Provide evidence of counterfeiting which allows us to conduct investigations and shut down, then prosecute these sellers.
  • Improve confidence in purchasing online where products cannot be pre inspected.
  • Remove counterfeit product sellers from online market places and e-stores.

If you have purchased a counterfeit product we can, in some cases, assist you in recovering your money and report the seller to the brand name manufacturer and assist the police in taking action. In some cases we can obtain substantial rewards for information, which results in large or significant seizures.

We have already secured the co-operation of many of the major brand names and your assistance will help them maintain the quality and consistency of their products.



Reporting Counterfeit products is easy with our free reporting app.


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